THC Love Butter – 100g (Strong)

THC Love Butter – 100g (Strong)

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15 in stock


IMPORTANT: A teaspoon of this product is enough to send most people into another realm. Please start small and work your way up.

This is grail-tier cannabis, simply the best thing we’ve ever created. That’s all you need to know.

Ganja Goats has taken a blend of different high THC strains, added a selection of CBD strains at a certain ratio, and then through a rather complicated and time-consuming process slowly infused everything into a 100% organic coconut oil base.

The result is the Ganja Goats Love Butter – a VERY HIGH in THC, 100% natural and organic consumable (yes it also works as a rub). In terms of value – 2 grams of this gets the average person buzzed, do the math… thats pretty phenomenal. Be warned moderation is key. Increase your dosage testing SLOWLY. 1 gram every hour maximum, until you’ve found the right amount. Some people need 2g’s some people need 5g’s, everybody is different, but don’t be a hero, be safe.

The high is a lovely mix of body and mind, calm serenity with a good helping of laughter and happiness.

Note: this is a coconut oil base, which means in heat it will be an oil, and with even a small amount of cool temperature it will be butter. Keep that in mind! Too hard, warm it up, too soft, put it in the fridge!


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