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Welcome! Ganja Goats is proud to offer Thailand’s largest online assortment of cannabis flower, edibles, pre-rolls, and CBD products. We have one goal: to locate the greatest weed strains at the most affordable prices. What began as a modest shopfront in Buriram has now become something of a phenomenon throughout Thailand, and we’re thrilled you’ve discovered us! Despite our large customer family, things are running smoothly in the warehouse. Express shipment to your door is still available in Bangkok, Phuket, Pattaya, and throughout Thailand.

To bring you the best deal, we buy direct from growers that meet our quality criteria. Come join us at our café in the center of Buriram if you enjoy a pleasant vibe. Instead, you can get cannabis online for nationwide express delivery in Thailand here.

You may discover that our pricing are significantly lower than those at your local retailer. It’s simple: we buy in quantity direct from farms and, rather than being greedy, we pass those savings on to you.


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Ganja Goats showcases the top Sativa, Indica and Hybrid marijuana strains available in Thailand at unbeatable prices. Every strain goes through our rigorous quality tests and strict screening process to ensure you get the best-of-the-best. Whether the flower is Thailand grown or imported from overseas we keep our standards high!

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Fully organic, grown in live soil (worms and natural goodies), our range of Organic Greenhouse cannabis is the best value we have to offer.

If you purchase 10 grams of any combination from our Greenhouse range our system will automatically apply a 300 baht discount at checkout!


Welcome to the Exotic and Extra Special Strains collection by Ganja Goats, the absolute best weed we can source in Thailand. The standards to be featured here are our most strict, requiring a high THC level, amazing high, super dense buds, and a rarity that makes these so much more exciting when you get your hands on it.



Embrace the awesomeness of brick weed—organic, budget-friendly, and potent. Experience its nostalgic charm and unbeatable value. Whether enjoyed on its own or blended with premium strains, it delivers a satisfying cannabis experience without breaking the bank. Discover the hidden gem that offers both quality and affordability.


Looking for that long-term high? We make our consumables in-house to give you the best tested experience. Moderation is key here, these are high strength.


Sometimes you want to try something new, or perhaps you’re on the go and just too busy to be rolling your own joints, we’ve got you. Pre-Rolls or pre-rolled joints are exactly what you need! We guarantee a blend of the best buds in our store with a full gram in every joint. Our hand-rolled collection of Pre-Rolls are organic and use unbleached rolling papers and filters with natural gum liners.


Stay supplied with all the gear. Everything here has been tested by our staff and gets the job done right. If you’re looking for a specific brand or something we don’t have listed – send us a message, we can order it in very quickly direct from most manufacturers. Plus, we just love testing out the latest weed gadgets to make life easier, so feel free to encourage and enable our obsession.

Buy Cannabis Online and Instore

Finding a trustworthy dispensary that deliverys weed locally and nationally across Thailand is hard. Having a brick-and-mortar shopfront means you can be assured of our commitment to quality and timely delivery. Don’t forget to drop in if you visit Buriram to enjoy our daybed!


Send us a message on LINE @GanjaGoatsBuriram


Buriram is the epicentre of weed in Thailand. We love our city, we love our marijuana. We proudly support the Thai cannabis industry and plan to remain a strong advocate of its ongoing success.

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Buy Cannabis in Thailand

Are you currently located in Thailand and on the hunt for cannabis or cannabis-related products? Perhaps you’re in need of cannabis oil, consumables, edibles, or specific strains of marijuana such as Blue Dream, OG Kush, or Gorilla Glue. If so, look no further as we have exactly what you’re searching for.

At Ganja Goats, we are your go-to destination for all things related to medical marijuana and cannabis products in Thailand. Our extensive selection of high-quality products is sure to meet your needs, whether you’re looking for natural remedies to help you sleep better, alleviate pain and anxiety, or simply stay up to date with the latest innovations in the world of weed and Thailand’s medical cannabis laws.

We take great pride in being the home of Thai pot and are committed to providing our customers with the very best cannabis products available. So if you’re looking for a reliable source for all things cannabis in Thailand, look no further than Ganja Goats – your one-stop shop for everything you need.

Medical Cannabis & Medical Marijuana Products

At Ganja Goats, we offer an extensive range of high-quality cannabis and marijuana products that are grown right here in Thailand, as well as premium imports from California, USA. We strive to provide our customers with an exceptional experience and an array of options to choose from.

If you are looking for edibles infused with cannabis, our Magic Brownies and Love Butter are among our best sellers. These products are made with THC or CBD as per your requirement, and are sure to offer you a unique and enjoyable experience.

We take pride in sourcing premium strains from some of the best farmers in Thailand, and we purchase in bulk to ensure that the savings are passed directly on to our customers. Our thick buds are full of trichomes, which offer a long-lasting high that you will not find anywhere else.

Whether you are new to the world of cannabis or an experienced connoisseur, we have something that will suit your preferences. We are committed to providing high-quality products and a customer-centric experience, so come visit us and discover the wonders of Ganja Goats!

100% Legal, Fully Licensed - Responsibly Sourced Cannabis

At Ganja Goats, we’re proud to work with local industries and business partners who uphold responsible business practices and comply with Thai government regulations when sourcing and cultivating cannabis. If you’re looking for a reliable online cannabis supplier in Thailand, look no further than us.

As laws regarding cannabis and hemp use in Thailand continue to evolve, we make it our priority to stay up-to-date and ensure that all our products meet the standards set out by the Thai FDA and Ministry of Public Health. We source our hemp from local suppliers, conduct standardized testing, and ensure that our products, such as hemp extracts and CBD oil, contain less than 0.2% THC.

While smoking marijuana has no set maximum limit on THC content, we offer strains with over 20% THC that will keep you grinning from sunrise to sunset. At Ganja Goats, we take pride in delivering high-quality cannabis products that meet the needs of our customers.

Ganja Goats - Thailand's Online Cannabis Shop

At Ganja Goats, we prioritize putting our customers first. Our top goal is to not only meet, but exceed your expectations with our products and services. No matter where you are located in Thailand, whether it be Chiang Mai, Bangkok, Pattaya, or Phuket, we are able to deliver our high-quality cannabis goods straight to your doorstep. To make payment a hassle-free experience, we accept bank transfers as a simple and convenient method.

We value your feedback and are always available to listen to any questions, complaints, or recommendations you may have. Our customer service department is always ready to respond to your inquiries in a timely manner. If you are unsatisfied with the product you received, rest assured that we take our product testing extremely seriously and will do everything we can to improve the quality of your experience.

In the rare case that your product arrives damaged, we offer a free exchange as a courtesy from our company. We are dedicated to making your experience with us a positive one.

At Ganja Goats, we strive to show you how our cannabis products can easily fit into your lifestyle without causing any disruptions. We are here for you and look forward to the opportunity to serve you.

Where to buy quality cannabis in Thailand?

If you are looking for high-quality cannabis products in Thailand, you can find them at Ganja Goats, an online cannabis store that offers a wide range of options to suit your needs. Whether you’re looking for flowers, edibles, concentrates, or other cannabis-related products, our store provides a convenient and reliable way to purchase them. All of our products are carefully sourced and tested to ensure their quality, safety, and efficacy, so you can rest assured that you are getting the best possible experience. Additionally, our website is user-friendly and offers discreet and secure shipping options to ensure your privacy and safety.

Cheap cannabis in Thailand

Buying weed online offers numerous benefits that make the experience convenient, affordable, and hassle-free. First and foremost, online cannabis shops provide a vast selection of fresh buds, which means that customers can choose from a variety that may not be available at local stores. Additionally, shopping online for pot is incredibly convenient, as customers can easily browse through different strains and purchase them from the comfort of their own home. Online cannabis flower shops also often offer same-day or next-day delivery, ensuring that the product arrives fresh and in perfect condition. Finally, shopping for cannabis online at Ganja Goats can also be more affordable than buying from smaller distributors, as we offer bulk discounts, promotions, and free delivery options.

Is it safe to buy cannabis in Thailand?

Yes, it is generally safe to buy online in Thailand, including from an online cannabis store like Ganja Goats. While there are always risks associated with online transactions, as long as you take appropriate precautions such as ensuring that the website is secure and reputable, using a secure payment method, and verifying the legitimacy of the company, you can minimize these risks. Additionally, cannabis is legal for medical purposes in Thailand, so as long as you have the appropriate documentation and follow the relevant regulations, you can legally purchase cannabis products from Ganja Goats in Thailand.

Is buying cannabis online convenient?

Buying weed online may be convenient for some people because it can be done from the comfort of their own homes without having to physically go to a dispensary or meet with a dealer. Additionally, online dispensaries may have a wider variety of products and strains available than physical dispensaries. Online dispensaries may also offer discreet packaging and delivery options, which may be important for some individuals. Enter Ganja Goats!

Ganja Goats Logo - a goat smoking weed on a large marijuana leaf with a Rastafarian circle background

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