Pineapple Express

Pineapple Express

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84 in stock


Pineapple Express strain common effects:

Pineapple Express is a strain that is mostly made up of sativa plants and is known for its extremely intense euphoric effects. It produces euphoric and energizing effects, which make it an excellent choice for usage during the day. Since it does not impair one’s ability to think clearly, you will be able to carry on with your regular activities without any significant disruptions. Highly suggested for individuals who are in need of inspiration or a boost to their creative abilities.

Pineapple Express strain flavors:

People who miss the original C99 strain, which was more sativa-dominant and tasted more strongly of pineapple, inspired the creation of this seed so that they might have a similar high. When inhaled, this strain gives out intense fragrances that are reminiscent of exotic fruits and flavors, much like its own name suggests. Sugary and earthy tones are emitted by the thick smoke that it produces.


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