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10 Methods to Come Down from too Much THC

Learn how long a cannabis high lasts, the symptoms of excess THC, the methods to recover from cannabis, including edibles and delta-8.


Did I take too much cannabis?

A moment we have all shared. You’ve lit the perfect joint, taken a delectable, precisely-timed hit, and consumed an artisanal delicacy. Then, all of a sudden, you feel prickly, your laughing goes into panting, and you wonder, why you suddenly feel so poorly. Yep, you’re too high.

Perhaps the effect of the edible took many hours to manifest. You may have attempted to impress a gathering of pals by holding the bong rip for too long. You may have recently sampled concentrates for the first time and been surprised by their power. Or maybe you are a consumer with poor tolerance.

It may creep up on you in a thousand different ways, but once it does, the resultant sensation may be unpleasant; it is sometimes enough to deter even the most devoted cannabis enthusiast. Cannabis is not a fatal substance, and mercifully, its effects wear off within a day. How to recover from the verge of greening out.

How long does a cannabis high last?

How long your high lasts after smoking marijuana depends on a multitude of factors, including intake technique, dose, and characteristics that vary from person to person, such as tolerance, age, and metabolism. In general, the greater the potency (read: THC percentage or milligram quantity) of a cannabis product, the longer the high will remain, however it may not necessarily be more powerful. Concentrates are the most powerful kind of cannabis, followed by flower and edibles.

This might imply that it takes longer to recover from the effects of dabbing compared to smoking a bowl, but your dose, the quality of the flower or wax, and your body’s chemistry all influence your experience. It is also crucial to remember that a regular smoker with a better tolerance for marijuana would recover much quicker than an occasional user who smokes the party joint many times.

The usual cannabis high might last anywhere from 30 minutes to two hours, according to anecdotal evidence. It is possible to have residual effects, and certain highs have been known to endure far longer. When you feel too high, stressed, or uncomfortable due to excessive cannabis intake, there are several techniques to assist you come down and sober up.

Symptoms of too much THC

When you’re high enough to know it, you know it. There are, however, a few telltale signs that you should look out for in order to determine whether or not you have crossed the line that you are allowed to cross. Even though we all enjoy having fun, you might want to dial back your consumption if any of the following apply to you:

  • nausea
  • paranoia
  • anxiety
  • dizziness
  • confusion
  • sweating

When you get too high, what happens?

Even though it may seem like you are dying, you are still very much alive. Keep in mind that THC, which binds to the CB1 receptors of our endocannabinoid systems, the majority of which function in our brains, is what gives you a high when you use marijuana. In other words, most of it is in your brain! THC does not influence areas of the brain that may disrupt respiration, nor is it conceivable to consume enough of it to cause death.

Although the presence of THC in our bodies can cause sensations of euphoria, clumsiness, hunger, and relaxation, it can be difficult to gauge when a high becomes overwhelming due to the wide range of strains and products available. In rare instances, such as in persons with cannabis hyperemesis syndrome, you could experience nausea or vertigo.

How to quickly recover after cannabis use

Stay calm

The majority of the symptoms of “greening out,” also known as consuming excessive amounts of cannabis, will go away between minutes to hours, and there will be no permanent repercussions other than some grogginess and maybe an empty refrigerator. We assure you that if you give it some time, these sensations will ultimately go away on their own.

No one has ever died from an overdose of cannabis, despite what you may have heard. In fact, there have been no reported deaths from cannabis overdoses in the history of ever. Therefore, regardless of how anxious you may feel or how much sweat you produce, you will not die from excessive consumption of cannabis.

You shouldn’t take it on as a task; instead, you should just bear in mind that even if you end up doing too much, you’ll be OK after a little while.

Drink water and have a snack

Make sure you always have a pleasant refreshing beverage available, whether it’s water or juice, whether you like it hot or cold (preferably non-caffeinated). This can assist alleviate dry mouth and allow you to concentrate on an activity that is both straightforward and comfortable: drinking and swallowing.

Keep away from alcohol because it has the potential to raise the THC levels in your bloodstream. This is especially important if you are experiencing the affects of your strain rather strongly.

A few bites of something light might help some individuals feel like they have their feet on the ground again. You could want to try snacking on some fruits, nuts, or cheese to see if it makes it a little bit easier to integrate your mind and body. There is a growing body of evidence suggesting that the terpenes found in our diet, which are also found in high concentrations in cannabis, may help reduce the psychoactive effects experienced by users of the drug.

Learn your cannabis limits

Prepare for your cannabis session so that it is in line with your current tolerance level as much as you possibly can. Do not try to push yourself beyond your comfort zone if you know that more than two drags from a joint will make you uneasy or that a 10mg gummy will make you stick to the sofa. It’s unlikely that this will help you if you’ve already crossed the line, but knowing it will make it easier for you to steer clear of awkward situations in the future.

Consume with trusted and experienced people that you have smoked with in the past, but don’t feel obligated to match their tolerance levels when doing so. It’s always exciting to meet new people and form new friendships, but when you can’t feel your face, being surrounded by people you don’t know may be uncomfortable at best and anxiety-inducing at worst.

Take things easy, especially while you’re eating or drinking something. It is our recommendation that you begin with a regular dose of 10 milligrams (or perhaps 5 milligrams out of an abundance of caution) and wait at least an hour, if not two, before increasing the amount of edibles you consume. The same principle applies to the various techniques of inhalation: if you only infrequently take a hit from your personal vaporizer, you shouldn’t participate in a smoking circle where everyone just puffs and passes for an hour.

Chewing black peppercorns can reduce your THC high

Black pepper, a common spice that can be found in most people’s homes as well as at restaurants and other food preparation areas, can be of great assistance to those who are struggling with paranoia and anxiety. A lot of people swear by the black pepper technique. Simply inhaling the aroma of black pepper or chewing on a few of the peppercorns should bring virtually instantaneous relief. Many of the terpenes found in black pepper also present in a wide variety of cannabis strains, which may be one factor that contributes to the grounding effects of black pepper. However, this hypothesis has not been verified.

Rest and relaxation

Find a spot where there is peace and quiet, not a lot of stimulation, and where you can rest and take some deep breaths there. Keep in mind that the excruciating pain you’re experiencing will eventually go away. Take several long, deep breaths in through your nose, and then let them out through your lips. Just relax and concentrate on the sound of your own breathing for a moment.

There are instances when going to sleep might be the greatest option to bringing an intense high to an end; yet, it is not always simple to be able to turn off your brain. After you have located a zen spot, lie down and allow yourself to unwind completely. If you find that you are getting sleepy or drowsy, a short nap will help you feel refreshed. In the event that you are unable to nod off, simply make yourself as comfortable as possible until you feel like you have the energy to stand back up.

Walk you high off

If you are unable to switch off your thoughts, it may be helpful to change your environment and do some exercise in the fresh air. This will get your blood circulating and make you feel more energized. Remember to be close to your immediate surroundings and to have a friend with you; we don’t want you to get lost when you’re feeling nervous and paranoid, so make sure you don’t stray too far away from where you are! Also, if you’re feeling too dizzy or lightheaded to stand, you shouldn’t go for a stroll; instead, we propose that you continue to lay down for a time.

Showers and baths while high

If you are at home, consider having a nice shower or bath to help you relax while you wait for the affects of smoking too much marijuana to wear off. This may not always be possible if you are out and about or at a friend’s place; however, if you are at home, this can be done.

Researchers have not yet published a study on the impact that taking a shower has on stoned people; nonetheless, both anecdotal data and the science behind showers indicate that yes, taking a shower will most likely reduce the intensity of your high. The act of taking a shower in general helps to relax the mind as well as the body, but taking a cold shower in particular may help reduce the symptoms of depression and increase brain impulses, which results in a feeling of being more awake and grounded.

Distract yourself from the situation

You should engage in all of the activities that appear to be so fascinating and exciting when you are high because they are also an excellent technique to distract yourself while you are attempting to come down from your high.

Whatever it is that you find most distracting, make sure it’s something you’ve done before and that gives you a comfortable feeling. It is my goal that your brain will zero in on the good sensations and provide you a gentle reminder that you are safe and doing great.

If you've been smoking too much pot, you could benefit from taking some CBD

CBD is a wonderful ingredient for combating anxiety, and for many people, it may be used to reverse the effects of having consumed too much THC. Modulating the receptor signaling that is linked with THC is how CBD’s anti-anxiety mechanisms get the job done. Because CBD does not attach to the CB1 receptors in the brain in the same way as THC does, it has the ability to moderate and smooth out the effects of the high.

To get your bearings, squeeze some lemon juice

If you’ve let yourself go too high, the sour taste of a lemon can be precisely what you need to bring yourself back down to earth. After cutting a lemon in half and inhaling the tangy aroma of the fruit, pucker your lips!

Studies have shown that the terpene limonene, which is present in citrus fruits and many strains of cannabis, can reduce feelings of anxiety. To experience this effect, try sucking on a lemon slice or making a sour treat with lemon juice.


According to the findings of one study, ibuprofen can mitigate the negative effects of THC. If you happen to have some ibuprofen lying around, you might try taking the recommended amount of the medication along with some food and drink in order to help you come down from your high.

Getting over the effects of edibles

We now know that the high one gets from consuming edibles might be quite different from the high one gets from smoking, vaping, or dabbing. After all, our bodies metabolize them through a variety of pathways, and the highs from edibles are the most long-lasting of any mode of ingestion. This is because the THC will travel through the liver throughout the digestive process, which increases the THC’s duration in the body.

Therefore, it’s possible that some of the methods on this list won’t work for edibles. We do suggest that you attempt to remain cool, drink some water, and find something to occupy yourself with. You may also try eating a huge meal to keep your metabolism going, or you could take some CBD edibles to assist in mitigating the effects of the consumable. A rejuvenating afternoon nap, provided you are able to fit it into your schedule, is another option.

Getting over the effects of delta-8

The separation and subsequent popularity of delta-8 THC, which is generated from hemp, has provided both producers and consumers with new options to experiment with marijuana, including new possibilities for greening out their operations. The difference in molecular structure between delta-8 and delta-9 means that the former does not produce nearly the same level of intoxication per milligram as the latter.

Dante Jordan, a contributor to Leafly, wrote about his own experience with delta-8 edibles in 2017. He had a very fantastic time “blasting music, bouncing about my Airbnb, and hammering out words that writer’s block had been suffocating,” as he described it. Delta-8 is sometimes referred to as “diet marijuana” since most users believe it to be far less strong and, as a result, more difficult to overindulge in.

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