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What sets joints, blunts, and spliffs distinct from one another?

Learn the difference between cannabis joints, blunts, and spliffs. The types of papers and wrappings used, and which is right for you.

Two hands rolling a cannabis joint.

Consuming marijuana in the form of a joint is often considered to be the most common practice. It is simple to slip one into your pocket, light it up wherever you are, and trade it with your buddies as you go. The ability to roll is one that any experienced stoner should develop over time, but it is one that can be difficult to master for beginners.

There are also various types of rolled cannabis products, such as blunts and spliffs, which may be smoked. These three distinct rolls each have their own unique characteristics, including varying proportions of tobacco and cannabis.

Clarifying the Differences Between Joints, Spliffs, and Blunts

It is possible to differentiate between joints, spliffs, and blunts based on the amount of cannabis and tobacco they contain as well as the material that is used to roll them.

Rolling papers are used for both rolling joints and rolling spliffs. The filling of a joint is composed entirely of marijuana, but the filling of a spliff includes tobacco in addition to the marijuana.

Wraps, which are composed of tobacco, are used in the rolling process for blunts. The only part of a blunt that normally contains tobacco is the wrap, as opposed to the filling.

So, what exactly is a joint?

Joints are a compact and portable way to consume cannabis. Since they can be lit anywhere, they are often considered to be the most traditional method of doing so.

They are made up of cannabis that has been wrapped up inside of a thin rolling paper that is typically white in color; however, novelty rolling papers come in a wide variety of colors and even a variety of flavors. The most popular sizes of papers are singles, 1 14, broad, and king, but papers can also be thin, ultra thin, wide, and come in a variety of different sizes and varieties. Papers can be large, tiny, or medium in size.

Rolling papers may also be flavored with extracts such as chocolate, grape, cherry, and other tastes, and they can be created from a variety of materials including hemp, rice, paper, flax, and more. There is a huge variety of different permutations.

It is common for joints to include a crutch, also known as a filter, at the drawing end. This provides more stability to the roll and enables you to smoke a joint all the way to the end without your fingertips getting burned.

What's a spliff?

A spliff is similar to a joint in that it is rolled using a rolling paper, but the filling of a spliff includes both tobacco and cannabis. Spliffs often contain more tobacco than a blunt, which means that they will have an even greater amount of the energizing and buzzing qualities that tobacco is known for. Spliffs typically have joints that look like crutches.

Spliff smokers have the option of adjusting the ratio of cannabis to tobacco to their liking, which can range anywhere from a high proportion of cannabis to a low proportion of tobacco to a ratio that falls somewhere in the middle.

What is the definition of a blunt?

A roll of cannabis that is placed inside of a cigar or blunt wrapper is known as a blunt. Tobacco, which is used to make these wraps, contributes a buzz and a burst of energy to the high that you get from cannabis. In comparison to joints and spliffs, they are often larger and may be smoked for a significantly longer period of time.

You can often get blunt wraps from convenience or grocery stores, and they are typically available in bundles of one or two. They frequently have a flavorful component. You may also use the end of a cigar, after it has been sliced open and emptied, as the covering for a blunt.

Distinctions between the many types of rolling papers and wrappings

The choice of rolling material can significantly affect the whole smoking experience. It is important to use paper that is the appropriate size and substance for the amount of marijuana you intend to roll and the number of persons who will be participating in the smoking session.

Your experience will also be impacted by the thickness of the paper you choose; thicker sheets often burn more slowly than thinner ones, but with thinner papers, you won’t be able to taste the paper as much.

The following types of paper are used for each of these:

  • Joint: singles, 1 ¼, 1½, wide, king, slims or thins, cones
  • Spliffs: 1½, wide, king, cones
  • Blunts: Wraps, cut-open cigars

Both rolling papers and blunt wraps can be flavored, although some people don’t like the taste of flavored rolling papers or blunt wraps. Some users believe that flavored papers interfere with the flavors and scents of cannabis, while others are devoted to particular brands because of the special flavor additions they include. This is something that is particularly frequent among blunt enthusiasts.

The ease of rolling and overall functioning of the paper are also important factors for consumers. The best papers are those that do not shred easily, seal well, are easy to hold between the fingers, and burn evenly. Nobody likes a joint that has a seam that runs lengthwise along one side or burns along the seam. Some sheets even have their edges shaved off so that they may be rolled up more easi 

Which is the most effective: a joint, a blunt, or a spliff?

Each mode of consumption has both advantages and disadvantages, and the reason that an individual would select one technique over another can sometimes come down to personal taste.

The benefits and drawbacks of joints

There is a good reason why joints have been such a common method of consuming cannabis for such a long period.


  • Compact and easily transportable
  • Simple to start a fire with
  • Wonderful for sharing; simple to prepare and store for later


  • It takes a lot of practice to learn how to roll one correctly.
  • Not extremely stealthy in nature (others in the area will know you are smoking a joint)

The benefits and drawbacks of Spliffs

Spliffs are comparable to joints, except they also include tobacco. Comparable to joints, they have many of the same benefits and drawbacks.


  • Compact and easily transportable
  • Simple to start a fire with
  • Wonderful for group activities
  • A buzzy, energized sensation is added by tobacco use.
  • It’s less obvious than smoking a joint, so onlookers could assume you’re just puffing on a cigarette.


  • Smoking tobacco can be damaging to your health
  • The flavor of marijuana can be ruined by the use of tobacco.
  • It takes a lot of practice to learn how to roll one correctly.

The benefits and drawbacks of Spliffs

Fans of blunts are devoted to the band. Some people never smoke anything but blunts, while others keep them for use just on very momentous occasions.


  • Portable
  • Simple to get the fire going
  • The buzzy, energizing effect that tobacco imparts is great for group settings.
  • Offer a wide range of tastes to choose from


  • Tobacco use is associated with a number of health risks.
  • The flavor of cannabis can be ruined by tobacco.
  • Frequently flavored, which might be a turnoff for some people; it takes practice to learn how to roll one correctly.

Preferences throughout the world for joints, blunts, or spliffs

The prevalence of smoking methods such as joints, blunts, and spliffs differs from place to region, which is reflective of the cannabis culture that exists in many parts of the world. In Europe, where people often view joints as a wasteful form of consumption, the predominant shape is the spliff.

Tobacco use is associated with a number of negative health impacts, which may explain why joint rolling is more popular in the United States than spliffing. Blunts are a type of edged weapon that are almost never seen outside of the United States.

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