Platinum OG

Platinum OG

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As valuable as the metal it is named after, platinum OG is. This hybrid strain with a strong indica component claims to be one of the “heaviest” ones available. Master Kush, OG Kush, and a third unidentified father are thought to be the three strains from which Platinum OG descended. The profusion of THC crystals results in flowers that are lime green and plump, with noticeable orange hairs and a platinum sheen. This priceless strain is a potent healer with a quick, heady beginning that transitions into a strong physical drowsiness suited for evening use and the alleviation of pain, tension, or anxiety.

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  1. Budtender

    Platinum OG has lineage of nearly all Kush strains, so yes it hit heavy. Expect to be sleepy, relaxed, and if you don’t retire for a nap – hungry. Smells of coffee, pine, and og skunk. Very cool.

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