Ganja Goats

Medical Cannabis THAILAND

Ganja Goats

Medical Cannabis THAILAND

Prohibited to anyone pregnant or breastfeeding

Prohibited to anyone under the age of 20


Thai government regulations require anyone seeking medical cannabis to provide age verification using either their Thai ID or Passport.

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Trainwreck strain common effects:

Trainwreck is a strain that lives up to its name, delivering an exciting and invigorating experience that’s sure to leave you feeling like a train has just hit you – in the best possible way. This hybrid strain, created by crossing Mexican and Thai sativas with Afghani indica, offers a thrilling cerebral roller coaster ride that stimulates the mind and unleashes a flood of creative ideas.

Despite its sativa-dominant genetics, Trainwreck also provides a relaxing body high that eases tension and promotes deep relaxation. Its unique combination of effects makes it a popular choice for those seeking relief from pain, stress, PTSD, and other symptoms.

And despite its high potency, Trainwreck is a strain that can be enjoyed any time of day without feeling overwhelming or uncomfortable. Its smooth smoke and delicious flavor profile make it a pleasure to consume, while its powerful effects will leave you feeling invigorated and uplifted.

So if you’re looking for a strain that’s sure to provide an unforgettable experience and deliver powerful therapeutic benefits, look no further than Trainwreck. It’s a true gem in the world of cannabis, and it’s sure to become a fast favorite among enthusiasts and patients alike.

Trainwreck strain flavors:

Trainwreck is a true standout strain, with its eye-catching appearance and distinctive fragrance that never fails to impress. The needle-like leaves are a brilliant emerald-green that will capture your attention immediately. The aroma of this strain is a refreshing combination of tangy pine and zesty lemon, making for a truly invigorating experience for your olfactory senses.

But it’s the taste of this strain that truly sets it apart. When you take a deep inhale, you’ll be met with a burst of lemon flavor that is both tangy and sweet, providing a refreshing taste sensation that lingers on your palate. The smoke may cause a mild cough, but it’s well worth it for the amazing flavors you’ll experience.

In addition to its amazing taste, the light green buds are also a sight to behold, with a subtle hint of gray due to the abundance of trichomes covering the surface. These trichomes are packed with THC and other cannabinoids, delivering a potent high that is sure to please even the most experienced cannabis user.

Overall, this strain is a must-try for anyone who loves a unique and satisfying flavor experience. The tangy-pine aroma, lemony taste, and visually stunning appearance make it a true crowd-pleaser.



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