Ganja Goats

Medical Cannabis THAILAND

Ganja Goats

Medical Cannabis THAILAND

Prohibited to anyone pregnant or breastfeeding

Prohibited to anyone under the age of 20


Thai government regulations require anyone seeking medical cannabis to provide age verification using either their Thai ID or Passport.

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Frisian Dew

Frisian Dew


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Frisian Dew is an exceptional hybrid strain with a potent combination of Sativa and Indica genetics. It is a unique and versatile strain that has gained a lot of popularity among cannabis enthusiasts for its remarkable effects and flavors. The strain has been crafted by the experts at Dutch Passion, a renowned seed bank, using high-quality genetics from Super Skunk and Purple Star.

Frisian Dew Strain Common Effects:

Frisian Dew is known for its potent and long-lasting effects that provide users with a balanced high. The strain’s Indica genetics produce a relaxing body buzz that eases tension and stress. At the same time, its Sativa genetics deliver a euphoric head high that enhances creativity and focus. Frisian Dew is an ideal strain for daytime use, as it doesn’t cause couch-lock or fatigue. Instead, it leaves users feeling energized, happy, and motivated.

Frisian Dew Strain Flavors:

Frisian Dew has a sweet and earthy aroma with a hint of citrus and pine. The strain’s flavors are complex and multifaceted, with a blend of sweet, spicy, and fruity notes. On the inhale, users may experience a burst of citrusy sweetness, followed by a spicy and woody flavor on the exhale. The strain’s smooth smoke and delicious flavors make it a favorite among cannabis connoisseurs. Overall, Frisian Dew is a delightful strain that offers a unique and enjoyable experience.



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