Ganja Goats

Medical Cannabis THAILAND

Ganja Goats

Medical Cannabis THAILAND

Prohibited to anyone pregnant or breastfeeding

Prohibited to anyone under the age of 20


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White Runtz

White Runtz

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White Runtz strain common effects:

The impact of White Runtz is one of tingling relaxation, which is accompanied by a sensation of tranquility. It starts at the bottom of your back and works its way up to your neck before moving on to relax the rest of your body. Because of this, the strain is ideal for activities like as going to the spa to receive a massage, watching movies, or simply doing nothing at all. The flavor has undertones of earthiness, tropical citrus, and creamy cream all mixed together. You won’t have to deal with the usual amount of tension and worry, so you’ll be able to enjoy your evening in a state that’s equal parts creative and calm. This is a significant step back from your typical routine.

Due to its capacity to alleviate muscular cramps and spasms, White Runtz is a particularly popular choice among those who suffer from illnesses that cause chronic pain. White Runtz can be used to alleviate muscular tension, which in turn can assist with chronic ailments such as back pain, menstruation troubles, arthritis, and other painful conditions. You will, as an added bonus, have the opportunity to taste the renowned tropical cream and fruity earth tastes for which so much acclaim has been garnered. It’s possible that you won’t be able to cultivate it on your own, but if you go straight to the source, you’ll be able to uncover its mysteries.

White Runtz strain flavors:

The plant produces big, dense nuggets that have the form of spades. They have a dark green color with crystal-like trichomes and slender hairs that are amber in color. Flavors of tropical fruit and sweet cream may be found in White Runtz. Some customers have commented that it makes them think of ice cream. When inhaled, this strain produces aromas that are reminiscent to diesel.


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