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Medical Cannabis THAILAND

Ganja Goats

Medical Cannabis THAILAND

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Thai government regulations require anyone seeking medical cannabis to provide age verification using either their Thai ID or Passport.

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Runtz x Layer Cake

Runtz x Layer Cake

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One of the rarest types of hybrid marijuana strains is called Runtz, which is also known as “Runtz OG.” Cookies Fam created Runtz by mixing Zkittlez with Gelato. It is well-liked for having an exceptionally fruity flavor profile and smelling just like a bag of the sweet candy that we are all familiar with. It should come as no surprise that the cannabis strain known as Runtz was selected as Leafly’s Strain of the Year for the year 2020. Runtz’s popularity has been steadily on the increase. According to those that cultivate it, this strain produces buds that are coated in resin and range in color from deep purple to lime green. It is well known for its velvety smoke, which is warm and inviting. Runtz has this quality. The euphoric highs and uplifting effects that are known to continue for a long time are produced by this particular strain of marijuana. Gelato Zkittlez was the name given to the product of the same genetic cross by Purple Caper Seeds.


A genetic cross between Wedding Cake, GMO, Triangle Kush, and Skunk resulted in the creation of the cannabis strain known as Layer Cake, which is a hybrid. Layer Cake has a THC content of 25%, which makes it a strain that is best suited for cannabis users with more expertise. According to the reviews left by Leafly users, the effects of Layer Cake include feeling peaceful, euphoric, and elevated. Patients who use medical marijuana frequently select Layer Cake as their strain of choice when attempting to treat symptoms related with anxiety, sadness, and stress. Bred by Swamp Boys Seeds, Layer Cake has tastes including vanilla, spicy, and skunk. Myrcene is the primary terpene that is found in this strain. Layer Cakes may often be purchased for anywhere from $27 and $50, on average. Tell us about your experience with Layer Cake by providing a strain review if you have smoked, dabbed, or otherwise ingested this cannabis strain.


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