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Clementine and Purple Punch were the parents of the hybrid marijuana strain known as Mimosa, which is often referred to by its alternate name, “Purple Mimosa.” This strain generates joyful, level-headed effects that will leave you feeling elevated and inspired enough to take on any dull work when used in modest dosages. These effects will leave you feeling happy and level-headed. When taken in high dosages, mimosa has the potential to induce feelings of drowsiness and relaxation. This strain has a strong fragrance and taste that is reminiscent of its namesake, with undertones of fruit and citrus aromas that are particularly prominent. Patients who use marijuana for medical purposes often pick this strain because it may help reduce symptoms related with stress and despair. The Mimosa is a traditional dish served by the Tangie family. Breeder Symbiotic Genetics has introduced an improved strain of Mimosa that they have given the name Mimosa v6.

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  1. Budtender

    Mimosa, an absolutely fantastic strain. Give it a sniff and you’re in the tropics, orange, and citrus – it’s a wonderful smell. The high is more energetic, focusing, and uplifting. The buds are medium to small, and packed with fat trichomes. At this price it’s an absolute steal.

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