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The marijuana strain known as Fruitcake was created by crossing Cherry Pie with Key Lime Pie, making it a powerful hybrid strain. The benefits of this strain are both physically and mentally soothing, while also improving physical stamina, mental inventiveness, and attention. Fruitcake, when consumed in excessive quantities, has the potential to make one feel drowsy and sedative. It is a good option for smoking sessions in the middle of the day or late at night. According to the account of one user, this strain produces a “crazy head high.” Fruitcake has the fruity, sweet, and somewhat sour qualities that one would anticipate from a strain named after a dessert. This strain was originally developed in the Netherlands. Patients who use marijuana for medical purposes often choose this strain because it is said to alleviate the symptoms linked with mood disorders, chronic pain, and stress. According to its cultivators, Fruitcake develops into tall, pointed buds that are covered in huge pieces of light green leaves and golden hairs. SeedStockers was the original breeder of this particular variety. Leave a review and tell us about your experience with Fruitcake if you’ve ever tried smoking, dabbing, or consuming it in any other form.

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  1. Budtender

    Peach, fruit, forest, tropical – Fruitcake is very nice on the nose. Big dense buds, with a high that’s relaxing, gives you nice body tingles… and well, gets you ‘in the mood’. A very good couples strain 😉

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