Dank Berry

Dank Berry

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A strong indica strain, Dankberry was created by Anesia Seeds and is a hybrid strain. The Dankberry strain is known for producing large, thick purple buds that are characterized by a pungent and sour berry aroma. In addition, she may contain up to 35% THC, which means that she is powerful enough to impress even the most experienced users.

The fact that Dankberry is around sixty percent indica-dominant is reflected in her morphology (she tends to produce wide, dark-green leaves) and in the propensity she has for developing dense, dark-purple flowers.

When it is finally time to taste test Dankberry, the moment you lift the lids off your curing jars, your mouth will start to moisten in anticipation of trying it. Her frosted, thick blossoms exude a delectable perfume that is characterized by robust overtones of sour blueberries as well as some nutty, almost earthy undertones. Because she produces a significant amount of resin, she is an excellent choice for gardeners who are interested in experimenting with generating their own hash or concentrates. In conclusion, Dankberry, which contains up to 35% THC, will hit you like a ton of bricks very quickly and provide a powerful high that will make you feel inventive and energized before gluing you to the sofa and making you giggle uncontrollably.


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