Ganja Goats

Medical Cannabis THAILAND

Ganja Goats

Medical Cannabis THAILAND

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Big Buddha Cheese

Big Buddha Cheese

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Cheese is a well-known cannabis strain that was purportedly created in England around the year 1989 from a pack of Sensi Seeds’ Skunk #1. It is also known as UK Cheese and Exodus Cheese. Cheese can only be reproduced through clones. It was transferred through the underground to other growers and breeders over the years until it became one of the most popular and widespread strains in the UK. It was a plant that was incredibly strong and high-yielding, and it had an odor that was pungent and smelled like cheese. Around the year 2004, a cannabis breeder who goes by the name “Big Buddha” took this clone and bred it with a carefully chosen Afghani indica to produce a seed variant of the strain known as Cheese. Big Buddha Cheese was the winner of the indica category at the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2006, and it went on to become maybe the most well-known and readily accessible Cheese hybrid that was released as a seed strain. It is well-known for the sweet aroma of tropical fruit mixed with a skunky cheese and for producing high amounts of extremely potent flowers.


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