Banana Punch

Banana Punch

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The marijuana hybrid known as Banana Punch is the result of combining the strain known as Banana OG with another strain known as Purple Punch. This particular strain is known to create drowsy effects that can be experienced from head to toe. The flavor of Banana Punch is described as having undertones of hazy fruit, along with accents of pineapple that has been freshly cut, and of course, bananas. Consumers refer to this variety as a “creeper strain,” which indicates that the high will develop more gradually than you may anticipate. Because of this, you should proceed with caution while using this variety until you are familiar with how it affects your body. Growers report that Banana Punch transforms its blooms into nugs that have a cakey texture and are heavily coated in a covering of orange and purple trichomes. Patients who use marijuana for medical purposes often prefer this strain because it can help treat symptoms such as stress, anxiety, and loss of appetite.


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