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Amnesia strain common effects:

When someone uses cannabis strains known as Amnesia, they may experience a loss of short-term memory, which is then replaced by memories of happier moments in their lives. The strain has the potential to create enhanced energy, which is typically followed by a faint tingling sensation all over the body. Along with the more common side effects of dry eyes and mouth, you may also have feelings of paranoia and disorientation.

People who suffer from emotional, anxiety, or stress issues are often given the Amnesia strains as a recommendation since the sativa-dominant high of these strains is beneficial for elevating mood and providing stress relief. It is advisable to utilize amnesia during times of rest and relaxation. People who have trouble sleeping due to stress may also find relief from using this particular strain.

Amnesia strain flavors:

The citrus aromas of lemon and lime stand out most prominently in this bushy strain’s profile. It has a scent that is rather strong, and you can also detect hints of soil and wood in it.


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